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Alliance Business Capital proudly works with Business Owners seeking a USDA B&I Loan. Your property must be in a USDA eligible area in order to obtain a USDA B&I Loan. 

Alliance offers USDA B&I Loans as a Commercial Loan Intermediary and relies on our Bank Business Partners for underwriting and funding of USDA B&I Loans. 

We work with Business Owners seeking financing from $500K up to $10 Million.

USDA B&I Loans General Guidelines

USDA B&I Loans

USDA B&I Loans are strictly for rural areas with populations of < 50,000. The property must be located in a designated eligible area for consideration under the USDA B&I Loan Program.

Acceptable Use of Proceeds on a USDA B&I Loan:

  • B&I Loans may involve acquisitions, construction, conversion, repair, modernization or debt refinance
  • Loan proceeds can be used for real estate acquisition and/or improvements, machinery, equipment, furniture, fixtures and working capital
  • Closing costs and guarantee fee

For more information on the USDA B&I Loan Program please view the below USDA B&I Loan Flyer and feel free to Contact Us with any questions.

USDA B&I Program Flyers


If you have any questions or need assistance in to applying for a USDA B&I please contact us.

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